Company Overview

CAЯBON is an impact enterprise taking proven and profitable regional solutions in education, sustainable resources, and women’s empowerment and rapidly scaling them around the world using our innovative “CAЯBON-copy” franchising model. We amplify and accelerate these selected solutions’ impact through “economies-in-a-box” with a combination of our team’s operational expertise, global network, access to capital, and influencer network.

Role Overview

The Analyst will focus on supporting the launch of the 4Evr CAЯMA’s brand through the following responsibilities:

  • Research: Evaluate which potential markets we should enter and how we should enter them, as well as which products/designs we should offer in these markets.

  • Document Preparation: May include (but are not limited to): creating decks, one-pagers, financial models, etc. alongside our team of industry experts.

  • Relationship Development: Network with potential organizations and partners that would be valuable to collaborate with as we build our 4Evr CAЯMA as well as people that you want in your personal network to navigate your own career.

  • Hustle: We’re a new organization and can’t project all of our needs at this point. Our intern team is absolutely critical in our organization’s ability to quickly react to new opportunities and obstacles that arise.



  • We want people that have a burning passion to solve the world’s most pressing problems today.

  • Experience working on projects related to women empowerment, marginalized populations, sustainability, and/or product design.

  • Demonstrated potential to serve as a leader of the next generation of changemakers.

  • Age doesn’t matter (we work with both high school and college students).

  • Minimum of 20 hours/week of availability.

  • This is on a pure volunteer basis, think of this as real-life social impact and networking course that no school will teach you.


CARBON makes global copies of proven profitable solutions to social and environmental challenges.



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