"I Am Not An Entrepreneur." - Shayne Veramallay

I lost my interest in driving initiatives that I don’t believe in…
While I stand by and watch wasted lives accumulate as their spirits thin.

False inclusion, similar faces, unheard voices, and a resounding lack of purpose.
No future, no point… my being here is cancerous.

Monthly certifications demonstrating control.
We are diverse…we are compliant… we are a team… we have a soul!

Are they serious?  What a joke!
They keep feeding bullshit, God damn I’m provoked.

Then I remember inspiring moments from over a decade ago.
To solve humanity’s problems, once I am in the know.

My faith and inner beliefs know I have a higher calling.
But how do I climb again, when I’m so tired of falling?

Systems designed to limit my power.
No matter what I’ve become, my attitude sours.

The corporate machine sees no end…
For, my individuality and authenticity constantly bend.

More procedures mandated, just so those in power can stray.
The humor never ceases, but the disgust conveys.

Nightmares and stress from the dreams of my youth.
Hypocrisy to the point where lies become truth.

Think outside of the box, so long as I stay in their lines.
Meet “your” goals, even though they were always theirs and never mine.

Time ticks… the years go by. 
Why I am waiting, I’d rather die.

Conviction is meaningless when I’m surrounded by sheep.
Metrics defined and approved, but unwritten promises will not keep.

“You were brought in because of your expertise.”
But, I need to make sure I fall in line because all I have to do is please.

Someone else always knows better.
Apples become oranges because a senior voice writes a letter.

“We foster growth and want you to shine.” 
How about action… not just another line?

Ignorance is rational, the dollars make sense.
It is working (yet it’s really broken), and that’s the single defense.

Speak up… because no one is listening, until my very words are echoed.
Now there is reason, but I exist solely in the shadows.

The proof is in my data, but irrelevant due to content.
I can’t possibly have the solution… but, either way, my political capital is spent.

Millions of dollars gone to waste - and all they had to do was listen. 
I’m a broken record at this point, but they don’t stop dissin.

But, wait until next year to speak the same.
Keep quiet and do as I’m told, so I can rebuild my name.

Maybe it was my delivery or my attitude that caused them to ignore.
Nevertheless, resources have been drained and the business is poor.

Everyone has an idea, yet none align.
My closest colleagues flee, to better spend their time.

Should I stay or should I go?  I’m miserable and decisions must be made.
Pathetic that I had more job satisfaction when I was in 12th grade.

The search begins under the cloak of silence.
Defeat after defeat, almost makes me want to resort to violence.

Depression sets in and every day becomes a struggle.
Career paths and aspirations are no more, but rather a puzzle.

Lost. Stranded. Disheartened… to say the least.
Until that dream opportunity surfaces and I think I’m about to celebrate with my last feast.

It all falls through and I’m at my bottom.
When is my time to prosper?  Will I ever blossom?

Well dammit… back to square one.
Every day a constant reminder of that other job, and how it would have been so much fun.

I pray to God to make me whole.
I work on side projects to get full, for every minute spent in purgatory leaves me cold.

Is this what my life will be? So what to do now?
I have no idea, but I need to be wowed.

I will just keep my head down and keep going through the motions…
While I may be physically here, there is no devotion.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur. 


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"I Am Impact." - Shayne Veramallay

Head down, the ashes smolder… as a cry begins to sing.
Slowly manifesting hope… spirit rising, the phoenix gets his wings.

Side project looks like it could be full time.
Without shackles… can I finally make it mine?

I’m enlightened to work in the name of the greatest man to ever walk this earth.
What an honor to uphold such a legacy… while remembering the ones who were there at my birth.

Mandela and Madramootoo - two figures that I couldn’t respect more.
Dreams on the horizon, opportunity at my door.

The Long Walk to Freedom and a grandfather that changed the world.
Using love, respect, and education, so many lives touched, elevated, and unfurled.

I remember your last words, as your guitar hangs above me.
Praying that one day I can live up to your legacy.

REPRESENT… using technology to engage the masses.
Show the world what darkness exists, so that we can take off our rose-colored glasses.

We are one race… all standing in the same line to be taken away.
It doesn’t matter the color of your skin… it doesn’t matter if you’re gay.

Now, it’s that time of year again, “ready for your review.”
“You’ve obeyed and played by the books, should be a good payday coming to you.”

Raped of my value, it’s far from what I’d thought.
But it is as expected, knowing the lessons I’ve been taught.

They cannot be trusted… time and again, I’ve seen their behavior.
Thinking that just abiding by their wishes would be my savior.

Betrayal and conspiracy tears me down as mutual disagreement sets me free.
Sure, I’ll take a few months of severance… actually, make it three.

Enough is enough – I am now unleashed.
Finally being able to practice what I preach.

I have a grand idea and after a long review of the world at hand…
My team and I found a way to elevate the common man.

A new element is born, out of necessity, not greed.
To bring economic and social prosperity to those in need.

CAЯBON is its name… enabling individuals to thrive.
I’m not going back to that life, this is the only thing that will keep me alive.

Through capitalism and proven businesses that others can call their own…
We bypass the walls of corporations and bureaucracy through a smartphone.

Donors become investors and congregations become shareholders.
Generating returns and cash flows while taking the guilt off their shoulders.

Leaving this world in a better place.
While accelerating education, empowerment, and resource efficiency at an unprecedented pace.

Investing my life’s worth to create value for something far greater than us all.
Now I can hold my head high… and, I can finally stand tall.

But, things always take longer than I think.
As serendipity, faith, and the right team, will not allow me to sink.

Times of stress and bank accounts running thin.
But, as lives change, the purpose sets in.

Something is watching over us, that I believe.
To do the work we were intended to do, but also a chance to lead.

Our approach is unique… it disrupts the norms and is not something typically seen.
My only concern is if investors actually care about those in the space between.

For, we believe that the traditional models simply do not work.
Being solely dependent on giant exits, and not profitable businesses, it is a bit of a quirk.

In the geographies we hope to effect, people know the value of money better than most.
They do not live in a world of abundance - everything matters… so they are not allowed to coast.

This is a life’s journey, inspired from many years ago.
To work on big things that truly matter, and get rid of the ego.

We have an extraordinary opportunity before us as democracy has wrapped.
Trillion-dollar markets, but our humanity and skills remain relatively untapped.

Our goal is to stimulate GDP through empowerment and knowledge.
With the understanding that many of us won’t ever get to go to college.

Artificial intelligence, clean water, and uplifting underserved populations…
Because that’s what it takes to create new heights for multiple generations.

As a son of immigrant parents who gave everything for me, my motive is clear…
To embrace who I am, innovate, do God’s work, and release my fear.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur…  And, I’ve never really been…
Because I prefer to be inclusive, rather than do whatever it takes to win.

I was taught from an early age to put my head down and work my way up the ladder…
To not take risks and protect myself from shatter.

I need to be moved… and, I’m rarely passionate about any one thing...
Perhaps that is why my finger doesn’t have a ring.

I’ve never had the desire to go out on my own…
I always took comfort in someone else’s home.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t deserve that title.
I don’t really look up to any public figures… I don’t have an idol.

Spending countless hours, but it doesn’t feel at all like work. 
Just progressing a vision without any perks.

How I miss that overhead at times when there is no where else to turn,
But, a call from a former colleague still in chains complains, so I’m glad to stand by and watch it burn.

All of this effort… just an extension of my personality.
Most of it driven from past struggles with my nationality.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t want to roll like that.
I’ve helped so many other companies fundraise, but now it’s my turn to bat.

I love the hustle and I like my hobbies, but the sacrifices can be hard to digest.
How lean can I run… what do I really need to survive?  That is the true test.

Not enough at my disposal to even to go out on a date.
Kind of makes it hard to show love to my soulmate.

Time keeps moving and I begin to question everything.
What am I doing?  Why am I here?  What praise do I have to sing?

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t crave money… not anymore.
It’s not even about proving myself… nor is it to even the score.

I used to be driven by material things because I grew up never having any…
Although I have a love for motors and watches, what I have amassed, is plenty.

I have a new lust… to put into action everything I’ve got.
Knowledge, energy, network, creativity, and passion.  But, selfishness and greed, I think not.

That side is long gone, it’s not who I want to be.
There is so much more to life… I get to choose… and I’ve forged my own destiny.

I Am The Difference.

I Am Impact.


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"SPACE | BETWEEN" - Shayne Veramallay

There is something that lurks within us.  Through every facet of our existence.
It transforms erratically through each fraction of time, but the decay it creates is constant.

Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes it's hidden.
But, we rely on blind faith to make us whole again.

This darkness consumes.  Fostering appreciation of light and love.
While its evil tortures and torments without mercy.

Without it, we lack consciousness of life's peaks and troughs.  Forcing its addiction upon us.

It provides profound meaning, more than anything… as it tears us apart.

Relevancy.  Perspective.

Can the light be sustained…or is it left to free will. 
Impossible to know.  It's outside of our control.

Perhaps free will is the darkness itself.  It cannot be tamed.

Words are cheap and profuse, but yet there are no words.  Speechless.

Actions define us.
But, while they signify everything to you, they are entirely meaningless to one you hope to affect.

You spend a life of logic, seeking reason… just to find out the limit does not exist.

Your mind convinces as to what is right, but fear tells you all is wrong.

Your body carelessly loses its purity with the one you thought would be forever.
Just to feel your soul randomly awakened by another.  Or, maybe it’s destiny.

Even though all blood runs red, the life you would give is pointless… 
For it doesn’t mix. 


Yet a simple embrace from a stranger, causes the heart to flutter and the spirit set free.
A sense of peace, yet fire raging within.

Words find meaning as an unbreakable bond is forged. 
Action becomes reaction… with endless possibilities.    

Enlightenment.  Enchantment.  Rebirth.

But, the darkness lurks.  The conscious spins… searching for a way out. 
Improbable becomes impossible as the essence of chance is dismissed.

Your polarity shifts by the minute.  Journeying toward true north, yet it’s never been there before.
Happiness at your fingertips, but unrecognizable having been burned in the past. 

Identity lost. 

You doubt everything presented before you and turn away.
Yet, you pray to find the very outcome that is currently overwhelming you.

It is not exactly as you asked, so it cannot be so.
It is not for you.

As your two energies intersect, they orbit one another…not knowing what to do.
Disbelief leads to segregation.


One examines how this can be, the other questions nothing.
The queries perpetuate, deconstructing the miracle at hand.

As the darkness consumes your light, you return to what you know.
Comfortable… predictable.

But it’s not long before you put your head down and ask again for which you just let walk away.
The one you abandoned, waited for you. To let you see for yourself…

Blinded. Choosing darkness over light.
Your decision creates resentment… dimming whatever shine remains in the one who stood still.

Only shadows remain… as it all fades away.
Well done, everything is ruined… and you brought another down to rot.

Forgivable… maybe. Forgettable… not.

Do we ever find truth.  Or, is it supposed to find us.
Does it even exist.

Uncertain, at best.

Perhaps it’s best to live in the moment, speak your mind, and be true to yourself.
Or do nothing, and receive just that.

Never sacrifice your own happiness, for it does not need to be so. 
Life is a symphony meant to be played together.

But, shelter yourself so you cannot be touched… be numb so you don’t have to feel at all.

Open your eyes and claim what you seek, for the world will pass you by in the blink of an eye.
Keep them closed to remain in the darkness and not be blinded by the light.

Take a good look at yourself, but don’t see with your eyes.
Be true, not a facade for someone else.

Live with no regret and let your heart set your soul free… even if it's just a brief window in time.
Because the reflection you see one day will not forgive you, but will haunt you.

Embrace the opportunity to smile and let your light shine.
For the tears will shortly follow, the mind will turn, and the heart will ache.

An imprint lasts forever.

The SPACE Between.jpg

“Is the inflection point visible for a sustainable world?” – Ratan Agarwal

There has hardly been a day when I have not encountered conversations about abnormality of climate activity around us — be it temperature spikes, wildfires, melting of polar ice, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, or excessive rains. It is not that surprising given how many new records (highs, lows, or near exponential increase in intensity) are being set every day, week and month, leaving no one unscathed from the negative impacts.   A simple time-series linear graph involving any of these adverse climate events will easily show rapidly increasing slope — both in terms of volume, financial, and societal impacts.  And, speaking of society in America, economic inequity (i.e., gap between haves and have-nots), violence (gun, terror, hate-crimes, etc), ills (addiction, human trafficking, etc.) continue to rise at a faster pace than the population growth.  Something has to give.

Naturally these accelerating events are not going unnoticed. They are pulling in people across all walks of life, geographies, and organizations.  The world at-large is converging on a common taxonomy of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) metrics pushed by those with the purse-strings, and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) espoused by the UN. More than 70M millennials in US alone are reported to be driven by ESG concerns (while buying things, choosing where to work, or joining hands for change). There is a rapid explosion in number of ESG-oriented groups, clubs, for-profit, or non-profit innovation, development, and field-work entities.   Foundations, family-offices, and funds are being set up to channel capital and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ‘Green’ marketing is becoming commonplace across corporate world.

As most of us in business have been trained, everything is expected to show up one way or the other through dollars and cents.  There is frequent reporting of the total money ESG as a factor in decision-making — e.g., Barron’s reporting nearly about $20 trillion in 2016, and then taking it up to $30 trillion in 2018. And, if one takes those with a pinch of salt, those financial numbers are just astounding.   In the same way, Classy and Guidestar reports nearly 12,000 and 13,000 non-profit entities in their databases active in ESG work (whether development, field efforts, or services). Very likely, the total number of entities is 10-20x more since many outside the US are unlikely to make efforts or have wherewithal to feature in these reporting databases. In a nutshell, it is easy to see rapid acceleration in mitigating actions to deal with the adverse impacts mentioned earlier. 

However, the fact is that adverse events on both the environmental and social fronts are not decreasing, but rather accelerating, the slope between aggregate adverse events and aggregate mitigating solutions continues to widen at a faster pace!

Simply put, we are losing the battle for a sustainable future world!

While we do need to recognize a lot of great work being done, and that lot more is being done when previously compared, it is just not going to be enough. In some ways, it is a classic hamster running on a flywheel — no matter how hard it runs, it is not going to catch up!!

As one of the wisest luminaries of our time, Einstein, said very eloquently, “You can’t expect different outcomes, if you keep on doing the same things”.

We need to take a different approach. In my simple mind, either we can do more of what we are doing (i.e., more funds, more feet on the ground, more NGOs, more CSR programs, etc.) or we need to get lot more leverage from what we already have. Since we don’t live in a world of infinities, as Einstein’s quote suggests, we need to focus on the latter — i.e., much higher leverage from what we have.  At the rate things are deteriorating around us, we may not get enough changes in time from mere marginal improvements of 10% or 20%. We need exponential leverage.

The good news is that that exponential leverage is entirely within our reach!

From my work of last 2.5 years in engaging hundreds of new startups, memberships and active work in half-a-dozen incubators and accelerators, and my angel networks in the NorthEast corridor, I am coming across almost 10+ new exciting innovations every month with transformative potential across many domains of ESG. And, my direct visibility is just a tiny fraction of what exists. What is also a recurring theme is that most of the innovative solutions in the sustainability domain are part of a slow crawl of serial scaling, taking decades to achieve even a fraction of their overall transformative potential. Simply put, the founders start with a vision of solving a problem for 1,000s of towns or communities, and they are barely at a 2nd or 3rd deployment after 7-8 years of hard yards!

It need not be this way anymore. We have a real opportunity to completely change it. Imagine what happens, when we can create a platform to help these 1,000s of existing proven sustainability solutions and concurrently spread them to their 100s of target domains!! Now we are talking of not a 10%-20% improvement, but rather a more than 1000x leverage effect!! That is what going to change the slope of two curves — aggregate adverse events and aggregate mitigating solutions. That is what is going to put the ‘inflection point for sustainable world in our line of sight in our own lifetimes’.

There are several key demographic, technology and social trends that makes it possible NOW.  That is what CARBON Group (“CARBON”) is about!


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