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Looking back, would you have hired “you”?

IMAGINE Where YOU Could BE NOW if you were just given a chance and had INSPIRING mentors STARTING IN high school.

At CARBON, we provide opportunitY so our students don’t have to ever wonder “what if”.


Samuel Brobbey

I am an innovative and focused team player with good interpersonal relationships. My skills in operations, administration, and system management stem from my working experience in Telecommunication, ITES, Hospitality, and Social Work.

I am also passionate about helping people in deprived situations improve upon their lives. Throughout my internship with CARBON, I hope to give my ultimate best to help the company empower communities around the world to create wealth economically through socially and environmentally sustainable projects.


Isaiah Cox

I am a 17 year old upcoming college freshman. I was born and raised in the town of Richmond, Indiana. I think it is always important to have some sort of motivation in life… a kind of chip on your shoulder. My drive came from seeing my mom work tirelessly to raise me and my brother, and later, two more kids, without my father in my life.

I used this, in correlation with my passion for my city and school, to work hard in multiple programs and classes to earn my way as a direct admit into the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and into the Cox Scholars Program. I want a career involving business development, consulting, and investing.

CARBON has given me the opportunity to spread my wings very early on and make a difference - NOW. I’m passionate about learning and creating impact, and could not let an opportunity like this pass me by. We will change the world.


Harsha Goparaju

I’m a recent graduate of the MBA program at Michigan State University. I worked in operations for over 5 years in roles such as production, procurement, scheduling, and inventory planning. To me, the purpose of a business is all about increasing human well-being, and to do this, it is personally a very fulfilling experience.

Over the past year I have led a student organization at college and partnered with CARBON to contribute in this regard. I find their team brings together the best of knowledge, skills, and passion to create amazing change on the ground, and I am very excited to work on the next big project.

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Aqib Mohamed

I’m currently a student at Indiana University studying finance and accounting. I was originally born in Guyana which is a small country in the Northeast part of South America. Not many people have heard of Guyana, and because of this, not many are aware of how truly diverse we are. We are the land of many waters and the land of six people.

I hope that by working with CARBON I can put Guyana on the map and introduce some of our solutions down there. In addition to my love for my home country, I have a strong passion for finance. I remember growing up as a child and the news being on every morning and every afternoon as I got home from school. This is where I was first introduced to finance. The segments about the markets and the economy were where I naturally gravitated towards.

I love the analytical side to finance but also enjoy that it’s not just about the numbers or outcomes - it’s also about building relationships. I love to talk to people and hear their stories which is another reason I have enjoyed my time so far with CARBON. So far, I have been able to build a network of great people and with my studies, been able to gain knowledge of finance and develop Excel skills. I’m an aspiring investment banker and then perhaps move into private equity or real estate. I don’t see myself working in finance my whole life, however. I want to pick up where my father left off, and I hope to become President of Guyana and steer the country into a direction of positivity and change. I believe by working with CARBON I can set the foundations for my dreams, build skills, and foster relationships that are priceless.

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Akash Nawal

I am an MBA graduate from Michigan State University (MSU) – Broad College of Business, a double major in Finance & Supply Chain. An MBA and an engineering degree enable me to speak both business and technical languages to bridge the gap between business, engineering, finance, and customer success teams.

I have 6 years of professional experience in Strategy & Operations roles. Prior to my MBA, I was working with the Federal Reserve Bank of India (RBI), where I learned a lot during my tenure, especially during Demonetization. My experience of working in the impact projects prior to my MBA was exciting, challenging, and revelatory.

I realized that education, healthcare, and income disparity are the root cause of most of the problems that we have around in the world. This drew me to explore opportunities in Impact Investing and I was fortunate to get in touch with CARBON and have been working with Govi, Ratan & Shayne since then.

We have done a lot of projects together in the last year or so. I was also successful in establishing the partnership between CARBON & MSU with the help of my classmate, Harsha. Students especially benefited from the wisdom and experience of all three Managing Partners by having both in person and virtual discussions on sustainability and impact investing. I am a strong believer in sharing economy and how it can help to bridge the gap between the problems we have around the world and the solutions that exist to solve those problems. I look forward to being part of this exciting journey that has just started.

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Peter Nowicke

Sustainable impact and efficiency are the focus of my studies and research at Purdue University. Science and business strategy are effective tools separately but, when paired together, they have the possibility of creating dramatic impact.

Ultimately, what lead me to be so focused on the science behind sustainability and socially conscious business models was a tragic ATV accident that occurred in my early teenage years. I was left near brain dead and on life support for over a week. Miraculously, I survived this encounter and emerged with a new appreciation of life and what I would do with it.

Through my life studies and experiences, I believe fate lead me to work with CARBON and to succeed in pairing innovative technology and business models to address sustainable development goals.

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Priyanka Patel

As a current Rutgers student, I have centered my career goals and aspirations around a few key objectives, environmentalism, sustainability, and the welfare of society. I wanted to be able to incorporate these objectives in my career path and my life and CARBON has really opened up many doors and connections.

It was definitely not easy for me to decide what I wanted to do exactly for the rest of my life, but I did know generally the things I was interested in and passionate about. Joining this company and amazing group of people has allowed me to uncover new and exciting possible career fields.

CARBON has provided me with the opportunity to be able to work in a field that is most suitable for the person I am today along with much room to grow and explore. I am excited to see where this journey takes me!


Kishan Patel

Coming from a BAME background with limited opportunities to start off a career, I was delighted to see that CARBON showed professionalism and a sense of belonging by replying with enthusiasm to my request about opportunities.

CARBON has made me realise that I should always take the initiative to contact employers regarding opportunities as the worst outcome would be them saying no. I believe that my core skills are numbers and solving problems. I have always been comfortable with mathematics and using it to aid explanations. I am a great team player, developed through winning The Stock Market Challenge and participating in sports teams, which has also advanced my communication abilities. I am further developing my computing abilities by studying an additional course in computer science the following academic year.

My passion is to pursue a long-lasting and successful career in the financial industry in the heart of a major city like London. With CARBON I would love to develop and refine my skills, learn more about the industry and expand my professional network, as well as learning more about CARBON, its three pillars, routines and cultures.

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Nadia Saponara

I am a rising senior at Rutgers University where I am pursuing a degree in environmental policy, institutions, and behavior and double minoring in sustainability / environmental business and economics.

As a member of the varsity women’s track + cross country teams and a student facilitator for the Rutgers recreation department, I am able to connect with a diverse group of people. My main source of passion is getting to know people in my community and working together with them towards a common goal.

At CARBON, I am excited to work at the intersection of sustainability and business, and help 4Evr Carma grow while getting the chance to collaborate with industry professionals.

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Arjun Sharma

I am a Supply Chain Management and Marketing major at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. I have worked in service operations in the manufacturing sector for 5 years in areas of supply chain optimization, business analytics, revenue generation, and customer relationship management. I am presently working as research assistant at MSU as well.

My research areas include assistive technologies for the disabled workforce, marketing analytics, and consumer behavior. Besides my professional career path, I have a 10-year experience of working at the non-profit, Rajbala Foundation in India, providing palliative care services.

A musician since my teenage years, I worked as a music therapist at the foundation, providing services to hospitals and hospice care centers in India. I want to employ my skills in projects related to women’s resiliency and resource efficiency. I intend to help CARBON by conducting feasibility studies and market analysis.


Shivam Sharma

As a rising Junior majoring in Finance and Applied Mathematics at Indiana University, I am pursuing a career in the financial services industry. Being born and brought up in India, I have first-hand witnessed the issues surrounding families and households in developing countries.

CARBON’s goal of strengthening the three pillars of Education, Women's Resiliency, and Resource Efficiency through investing in entrepreneurs and human capital really hit home for me. I have always been interested in learning about impact investing, sustainability in business, and how capital can effectively be deployed to empower and uplift individuals around the world. I am excited to join CARBON as an intern and hope to learn and grow throughout my time here.


Shivangi Tiwari

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I have always wanted to leave an impact through my work – to reach a greater good with my education in finance. Being an intern at CARBON encourages this passion to use my analytical mindset for more than just monetary profits. As a woman, I am excited to work on 4Evr Carma and be a part of something that leads women to an economically independent life.

From teaching underprivileged students to providing pro bono services to small businesses, I aspire to continue the trend of being an agent of change that builds sustainable social impact.