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My Grandfather did not want his legacy to be represented by an airport, a school, or a simple physical manifestation. Instead, he wanted his actions to be a model for the next generation to use as a means to make humanity more just and equitable for all.  He believed that all it takes is one generation - one generation to end poverty, one generation to end discrimination, and one generation to push the spirit of mankind.


As I work with CAЯBON, the REPRESENT Foundation, Global Citizen, The United Nations, Africa Rising Foundation, and GenEndIt, my purpose is to make sure this is that one generation.  My career has been spent in film as part of Out of Africa Entertainment, Romulus Entertainment, and Dang Entertainment - I believe in the power of media to inspire, educate, and activate us all to achieve our true potential.


By focusing on youth and being a catalyst for their ideation, we can make tremendous strides in helping commercialize solutions for ALL to share and empower individuals in their communities to become the future leaders of the world. 


CARBON Group Global - Social Impact Investing for Sustainable Development 

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