Partner & General Counsel, London

As I think about my life and the legacy I want to leave behind, I struggle with the inequities that exist throughout the world when it comes to rudimentary education and the skills needed to earn a decent living where one can have dignity and hold their head high as they walk down the street. 


My career stems from my love for the law and the ability to influence and create international regulations that allow for greater economic prosperity for those in developing countries, like my home in Nigeria.  I spend time with my family business as well to craft free zone legislation.  I reside in London as much of my schooling was done here and my ability to navigate the global realm is well suited from this domicile. 


My dream is to offer the world the gift of knowledge through free education zones which we are looking to develop through CAЯBON as we use technology to disseminate information to the masses and replicate solutions that can provide trade, knowledge, and living wages to all as part of innovation centers to grow local economies around the globe.


CARBON Group Global - Social Impact Investing for Sustainable Development 

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