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We seek to identify intelligent solutions that leapfrog century old methodologies. Using connected cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we can deliver education to the masses to uplift humanity.


Raj Valli,
Founder & CEO

Learning to Think.

“I started Thinkster Math with the goal of disrupting education by changing the way we learn by helping us all understand how we think.   Through this understanding, we can fundamentally shift the very foundation of how we ingest information and hone critical thinking skills without end.  We can remove the ceilings we impose on ourselves that limit our knowledge base using artificial intelligence to enable personalized tutoring. We have become a world leader in a short period of time with unprecedented performance metrics.  Thinkster successfully combines the best aspects of man and machine to offer a superior learning experience for students across the world.

My dream is to deliver low cost, highly effective, and personalized education to the world and be the first technology-driven digital university that breaks down the walls of high tuitions, selection criteria, and the many barriers that prohibit equal opportunity for the masses. CAЯBON shares that vision and sees the power in delivering robust content across verticals to offer a holistic education to anyone that seeks it…right at their fingertips.  This is how we will elevate communities around the globe and create a brighter future for us all.”