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We believe that our human abilities are deteriorating as we advance technology for the sake of technology, especially in developed countries. What is the rush towards innovation that makes mankind more obsolete when so many people in this world would cherish the opportunity to have a living wage and a sense of dignity that allows them to provide for themselves and their family? Why put the planet first, if the life that lives on it rots away… as our selfish human nature prevails by keeping the masses uneducated so they cannot advance, silencing our mothers/wives/daughters, granting unequal pay, and often teaching them to be “less” when they are the spawn of life? Meanwhile, our over abundant use of resources generates mountains of waste because we are too lax in our abilities to mandate we only create environmentally intelligent solutions.

It starts with each one of us embracing the fact that we are all different, yet we all have the power to make a difference… starting from within and knowing that we can do our part to lift up our brothers and sisters, purchase products that are sustainably produced, and take care of our surroundings as each day passes. We can inspire others to do the same… and as that single drop creates ripples, it forms a wave of wonders as our minds, communities, countries, and worlds connect for a better life.

We believe Millennials and the next generation, whether they are the everyday persons, business professionals, entertainers, athletes, or politicians, are the most humanly conscious and caring leaders in the history of the world. We believe that these visionaries will define tomorrow’s status quo, demonstrate undaunted passion for humanity, and will shift the very fabric of society to form a world with exponentially more equality and opportunity for all. We believe this new breed of individuals needs guidance from an authentic organization whose values they understand and can look up to... an organization that is there to be a positive guiding force, an alignment on shared vision, a network of support, a catalyst for their ideas, and an engine for scale and commercialization... an organization dedicated to elevating the masses in addition to enabling the next Malala, Steve Jobs, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and beyond, to take flight.