Company Overview

CAЯBON is an impact investment group taking proven solutions in education, empowerment, and resources by rapidly scaling them around the world using our innovative “CAЯBON Copy” replication model. We amplify impact through “economies-in-a-box” with a combination of our team’s operational expertise, global network, access to capital, and influencer network.

Role Overview

The Marketing Analyst Intern will focus on supporting CAЯBON’s initial expansion and will support our portfolio initiatives through the following responsibilities:

  • Research: Evaluate which potential markets we should enter and how we should enter them.

  • Support: Assist our analytics team in the creation of predictive models, analytic reports, and the presentation of analytical insights to our internal/external business partners.

  • Development: Use analytics reports to gain a better understanding of how users are engaging with our digital assets.

  • Solutions: Explore potential complementary solutions to arising situations.

  • Assistance: Assist our Marketing team to measure impact of paid media campaigns.

  • Networking: Communicate with potential organizations and partners that would be valuable to collaborate with as well as people that you want in your personal network to navigate your own career.

  • Participation: Be active in scheduled individual and team meetings. 

  • Events: Coordinate company events and trade shows.

  • Hustle: Our intern team is absolutely critical in our organization’s ability to quickly react to new opportunities and obstacles that arise.


Desired Qualifications/Characteristics

  • Have a burning passion to solve the world’s most pressing problems today.

  • Demonstrated potential to serve as a leader of the next generation of changemakers.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Self-directed with strong organizational skills.

  • Ability to effectively manage multiple priorities and tasks.

  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills in order to deliver presentations.

  • Ability to work with participants from diverse backgrounds.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Experience working on projects related to impact initiatives are nice to have but not required.


Preferred Degree Program/Interest of Study

  • Business Administration

  • Computer Science

  • Social Science


Position Type

  • Internship/Unpaid

       This is on a pure volunteer basis, think of this as a real-life social impact and networking course that no school           will teach you.



  • Minimum of 20 hours/week of availability.



  • We work with both High School and College students.

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Social Impact Investing for Sustainable Development 


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