• Shayne Veramallay

"I Am Impact."

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Head down, the ashes smolder… as a cry begins to sing. Slowly manifesting hope… spirit rising, the phoenix gets his wings.

Side project looks like it could be full time. Without shackles… can I finally make it mine?

I’m enlightened to work in the name of the greatest man to ever walk this earth. What an honor to uphold such a legacy… while remembering the ones who were there at my birth.

Mandela and Madramootoo - two figures that I couldn’t respect more. Dreams on the horizon, opportunity at my door.

The Long Walk to Freedom and a grandfather that changed the world. Using love, respect, and education, so many lives touched, elevated, and unfurled.

I remember your last words, as your guitar hangs above me. Praying that one day I can live up to your legacy.

REPRESENT… using technology to engage the masses. Show the world what darkness exists, so that we can take off our rose-colored glasses.

We are one race… all standing in the same line to be taken away. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin… it doesn’t matter if you’re gay.

Now, it’s that time of year again, “ready for your review.” “You’ve obeyed and played by the books, should be a good payday coming to you.”

Raped of my value, it’s far from what I’d thought. But it is as expected, knowing the lessons I’ve been taught.

They cannot be trusted… time and again, I’ve seen their behavior. Thinking that just abiding by their wishes would be my savior.

Betrayal and conspiracy tears me down as mutual disagreement sets me free. Sure, I’ll take a few months of severance… actually, make it three.

Enough is enough – I am now unleashed. Finally being able to practice what I preach.

I have a grand idea and after a long review of the world at hand… I found a way to elevate the common man.

A new element is born, out of necessity, not greed. To bring economic and social prosperity to those in need.

CAЯBON is its name… enabling individuals to thrive.

I’m not going back to that life, this is the only thing that will keep me alive.

Through capitalism and proven businesses that others can call their own…

We bypass the walls of corporations and bureaucracy through a smartphone.

Donors become investors and congregations become shareholders. Generating returns and cash flows while taking the guilt off their shoulders.

Leaving this world in a better place. While accelerating education, empowerment, and resource efficiency at an unprecedented pace.

Investing my life’s worth to create value for something far greater than us all. Now I can hold my head high… and, I can finally stand tall.

But, things always take longer than I think.

As serendipity, faith, and the right team, will not allow me to sink.

Times of stress and bank accounts running thin. But, as lives change, the purpose sets in.

Something is watching over us, that I believe. To do the work we were intended to do, but also a chance to lead.

Our approach is unique… it disrupts the norms and is not something typically seen.

My only concern is if investors actually care about those in the space between.

For, we believe that the traditional models simply do not work. Being solely dependent on giant exits, and not profitable businesses, it is a bit of a quirk.

In the geographies we hope to effect, people know the value of money better than most. They do not live in a world of abundance - everything matters… so they are not allowed to coast.

This is a life’s journey, inspired from many years ago. To work on big things that truly matter, and get rid of the ego.

We have an extraordinary opportunity before us as democracy has wrapped. Trillion-dollar markets, but our humanity and skills remain relatively untapped.

Our goal is to stimulate GDP through empowerment and knowledge. With the understanding that many of us won’t ever get to go to college.

Artificial intelligence, clean water, and uplifting undeserved populations… Because that’s what it takes to create new heights for multiple generations.

As a son of immigrant parents who gave everything for me, my motive is clear… To embrace who I am, innovate, do God’s work, and release my fear.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur…  And, I’ve never really been… Because I prefer to be inclusive, rather than do whatever it takes to win.

I was taught from an early age to put my head down and work my way up the ladder… To not take risks and protect myself from shatter.

I need to be moved… and, I’m rarely passionate about any one thing... Perhaps that is why my finger doesn’t have a ring.

I’ve never had the desire to go out on my own… I always took comfort in someone else’s home.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t deserve that title. I don’t really look up to any public figures… I don’t have an idol.

Spending countless hours, but it doesn’t feel at all like work.  Just progressing a vision without any perks.

How I miss that overhead at times when there is no where else to turn, But, a call from a former colleague still in chains complains, so I’m glad to stand by and watch it burn.

All of this effort… just an extension of my personality. Most of it driven from past struggles with my nationality.

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t want to roll like that. I’ve helped so many other companies fund raise, but now it’s my turn to bat.

I love the hustle and I like my hobbies, but the sacrifices can be hard to digest. How lean can I run… what do I really need to survive?  That is the true test.

Not enough at my disposal to even to go out on a date. Kind of makes it hard to show love to my soulmate.

Time keeps moving and I begin to question everything. What am I doing?  Why am I here?  What praise do I have to sing?

I Am Not An Entrepreneur.  I don’t crave money… not anymore. It’s not even about proving myself… nor is it to even the score.

I used to be driven by material things because I grew up never having any… Although I have a love for motors and watches, what I have amassed, is plenty.

I have a new lust… to put into action everything I’ve got. Knowledge, energy, network, creativity, and passion.  But, selfishness and greed, I think not.

That side is long gone, it’s not who I want to be. There is so much more to life… I get to choose… and I’ve forged my own destiny.

I Am The Difference.

I Am Impact.

- Shayne Veramallay


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