• Shayne Veramallay

"See You Again Dear Friend"

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I worked with Bart for several years at DLA Piper and we became brothers immediately after we met for the first time. He and I shared many passions and interests, and he recently asked me to interview on his show about impact investing and CARBON... I was absolutely thrilled to see him in his element doing what he loved. 

Bart was one of the most unique individuals I have ever met and his authenticity was like no other. He was so genuine in his kindness, and you could see that he had a big heart, for there wasn't a single room that he couldn't light up with his colorful spirit and personality. As much as we talked about business, we spent more time talking about love, life, family, and travel. He spoke the world of Sherry and his relationship with her... anyone would be instantly envious the way he described the magic she brought to his life and the love he had for her and their family.

Seeing his smile and feeling our embrace was always the greatest reward, as I constantly left a better person being around him. He always brought out the best of me and there was so much more I wanted to share with him in the years to come. I even made two pairs of matching cufflinks made of guitar knobs from the Gibson factory in Memphis for Bart and myself to signify our bond.

There is no replacement for my dear friend. He is someone that I will treasure till the end of my days. Bart is solely responsible for me meeting my soulmate and love of my life because he begged me to come to an event at our offices that he needed me to host with him. I met an amazing woman that night that taught me so much and brought out a side of me that I never knew existed or was even possible. For that, I will remain forever indebted to him. 

It was all because of you, my brother... we were together only a few months ago. But, I will see you again one day, and there will be no other meetings we need to rush off to and we will can talk and laugh for an eternity.

-Shayne Veramallay


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