• Shayne Veramallay

"Space | Between"

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

There is something that lurks within us.  Through every facet of our existence. It transforms erratically through each fraction of time, but the decay it creates is constant.

Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes it's hidden. But, we rely on blind faith to make us whole again.

This darkness consumes.  Fostering appreciation of light and love. While its evil tortures and torments without mercy.

Without it, we lack consciousness of life's peaks and troughs.  Forcing its addiction upon us.

It provides profound meaning, more than anything… as it tears us apart.

Relevancy.  Perspective.

Can the light be sustained…or is it left to free will.  Impossible to know.  It's outside of our control.

Perhaps free will is the darkness itself.  It cannot be tamed.

Words are cheap and profuse, but yet there are no words.  Speechless.

Actions define us. But, while they signify everything to you, they are entirely meaningless to one you hope to affect.

You spend a life of logic, seeking reason… just to find out the limit does not exist.

Your mind convinces as to what is right, but fear tells you all is wrong.

Your body carelessly loses its purity with the one you thought would be forever. Just to feel your soul randomly awakened by another.  Or, maybe it’s destiny.

Even though all blood runs red, the life you would give is pointless…  For it doesn’t mix. 


Yet a simple embrace from a stranger, causes the heart to flutter and the spirit set free. A sense of peace, yet fire raging within.

Words find meaning as an unbreakable bond is forged.  Action becomes reaction… with endless possibilities.    

Enlightenment.  Enchantment.  Rebirth.

But, the darkness lurks.  The conscious spins… searching for a way out.  Improbable becomes impossible as the essence of chance is dismissed.

Your polarity shifts by the minute.  Journeying toward true north, yet it’s never been there before. Happiness at your fingertips, but unrecognizable having been burned in the past. 

Identity lost. 

You doubt everything presented before you and turn away. Yet, you pray to find the very outcome that is currently overwhelming you.

It is not exactly as you asked, so it cannot be so. It is not for you.

As your two energies intersect, they orbit one another…not knowing what to do. Disbelief leads to segregation.


One examines how this can be, the other questions nothing. The queries perpetuate, deconstructing the miracle at hand.

As the darkness consumes your light, you return to what you know. Comfortable… predictable.

But it’s not long before you put your head down and ask again for which you just let walk away. The one you abandoned, waited for you. To let you see for yourself…

Blinded. Choosing darkness over light. Your decision creates resentment… dimming whatever shine remains in the one who stood still.

Only shadows remain… as it all fades away. Well done, everything is ruined… and you brought another down to rot.

Forgivable… maybe. Forgettable… not.

Do we ever find truth.  Or, is it supposed to find us. Does it even exist.

Uncertain, at best.

Perhaps it’s best to live in the moment, speak your mind, and be true to yourself. Or do nothing, and receive just that.

Never sacrifice your own happiness, for it does not need to be so.  Life is a symphony meant to be played together.

But, shelter yourself so you cannot be touched… be numb so you don’t have to feel at all.

Open your eyes and claim what you seek, for the world will pass you by in the blink of an eye. Keep them closed to remain in the darkness and not be blinded by the light.

Take a good look at yourself, but don’t see with your eyes. Be true, not a facade for someone else.

Live with no regret and let your heart set your soul free… even if it's just a brief window in time. Because the reflection you see one day will not forgive you, but will haunt you.

Embrace the opportunity to smile and let your light shine. For the tears will shortly follow, the mind will turn, and the heart will ache.

An imprint lasts forever.

-Shayne Veramallay


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