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Priyanka Patel: Youth… The Future of the World

Updated: Feb 26

Everyone knows that the youth are the future of the world, and helping provide them with opportunities is the best way we can strengthen our communities, which can all be done through a proper education system that doesn’t seem to exist today. Education is so important because it allows us to develop an understanding of how the world works as well as provides us with possible solutions in order to solve the problems that we are facing today and will face in the future. It expands our knowledge so that we can formulate thoughts and opinions of our own, creating the leaders of tomorrow. The goal that we, as CARBON, have is to be able to deliver this sort of education to students all around the world in the most encompassing fashion. Being able to know that students are not only doing what they need to, but also making genuine efforts to truly broaden their horizons on their own, is a very satisfying feeling. We are not only trying to prepare them for their next chapter, but instead creating a future generation of successful, driven leaders that are continuing to learn and absorb knowledge all through their lives.

The three pillars of CARBON are Education, Women’s Resiliency, and Resource Efficiency. But, in order to build a society in which everyone can make their own sort of social impact, education is the necessary, connecting thread. We have focused on providing a solution to the current education system for the youth all around the world in the newest, most effective way possible, and we have teamed up with Thinkster in order to do so. We believe that Raj Valli, the founder and CEO of Thinkster, has come up with an alternative way to provide low cost, highly effective, and personalized education to people all around the world. This tutoring service is like no other and combines both human and technology in order to individualize education for each particular student. This truly allows the student to diverge from the usual mass education system and evolve into a critical thinker that is able to apply themselves and their knowledge in any given situation. This is how we can change the course of humanity, altering the way we educate the masses in order to provide the best way for students to truly be the world’s next leaders that make a social impact.


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