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My life started from very humble beginnings in India where I spent my youth in a simple 2-room house with no electricity, water lines, gas lines, or motorized transport.  I figured out my path from school to my professional life with virtually no guidance or resources.  I attended the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology with a Master of Technology and Structural Engineering and ultimately received my M.B.A. from Wharton. 


I cut my teeth in the working world at A.T. Kearney as a Management Consultant where I focused on M&A due diligence, valuation, and advisory.  The majority of my career (20+ years) was spent at Cisco Systems where I was responsible for incubation to $170m scale a portfolio new IoT solutions across six different verticals (healthcare, education, energy, transportation, safety & security and financial services), integration and commercialization of our first managed SaaS / Cloud global offering in the market, and operational transformation of a $3B+ global services business.


I decided to turn my drive for innovation and start-ups towards improving innovation ecosystem and growth in NY metro through my active work with local incubators and accelerators (TechLaunch NJ, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator) and as an angel investor advising, consulting, and investing through Keiretsu Forum, Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels, and WAAN. 


My passion has always been helping others and I now see a huge opportunity in leveraging the combined power of transformative technologies (such as IoT, cloud, mobility, social media, shared economy, renewable energy, and market places) to change the inflection point in our battle for a truly sustainable world in our lifetime.  I believe that our replication engine and marketplace will be critical strategic cogs in enabling communities around the world to not only leverage the work we are doing at CAЯBON but also be a driving force of 1000's of solutions as the network effect takes hold from the shared economy.


CARBON makes global copies of proven profitable solutions to social and environmental challenges.



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