At CARBON we are focused on bringing 100% clean water access to households in Ghana, Rwanda, and Liberia, however, we fear that schools will be left behind due to their limited funds. We have partnered with an an incredible group of nonprofit partners to raise the donations needed to put a water filter in every classroom. 


In order to achieve this goal, we need society to come together to help us raise $10M to purchase 500k filters that will empower 10M children in these three countries.

How to participate:

1) Donate to #TheRippleEffect campaign by selecting the donate now button                

2) Share our video on your Instagram story announcing you took action.                           

3) Tag at least 3 of your friends to partake in the movement as well.                                   

So what is Ecofiltro?

Ecofiltro is a point-of-use ceramic water filter, locally-made in each of these countries that eliminates the transmission of waterborne diseases. We prefer this water solution because it is significantly more affordable than alternatives with a significantly reduced environmental impact. We also love Ecofiltro's ability to serve as an economic engine to underrepresented workforces. A core value of theirs is to utilize local manufacturing and distribution teams in order to elevate some of those in poverty through living wages while eliminating dependency on external supply chains.


We want to give access to clean water to those who need it most. The average household in Ghana needs to spend almost $500 on single-use bottled water over a three-year period.


Ecofiltro costs about $25 over the same time period and producing <1% of the environmental impact. This $150 in annual savings is a gamechanger where about 25% of the combined populations still live on less than $2 a day.

Why these three countries?

How will you achieve this?

We’ve partnered with incredible teams to deliver results!


The Last Well (Liberia) is an organization that has brought Liberia 90% of the way to border-to-border clean water access in the past 10 years.


Pure Home Water Solutions (Ghana) is comprised of the incredible team that eradicated Guinea Worm in Ghana and        former leaders from the Ministry of water.

IRIBA Water Group (Rwanda) is led by Yvette Ishimwe, an incredible young social entrepreneur who has been                      recognized by the Queen of England and Bill Gates for her incredible work in the clean water space in Rwanda.   

How far your donation goes:

We have chosen TILE as our 501(c)3 nonprofit partner due to their alignment with CARBON’s mission to accelerate social impact through the power of youth. Additionally, TILE would like to use #TheRippleEffect Campaign and activities as a way to build their presence in Africa and empower the next generation of African changemakers.


$5 (Minimum) – Provides 5 school children with clean drinking water for 3 years

$20 Provides one classroom (25-30 kids) with clean drinking water for 3 years   

$200 Provides one school with clean drinking water for 3 years                               


To read more about Ecofiltro and their success in Guatemala, please visit Ecofiltro


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