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I spend a lot of time questioning why things are the way they are and what "systems" are at work behind the scenes that create the world we live in - the amount of waste, unnecessary abundance, self-serving mindsets, abuse of nature/environment, and inequalities amongst us.  Along those thoughts, I wonder what the underserved populations could achieve if they had the right tools, resources, instruction manuals, and support network to solve the problems in their societies, but at the same time, be shown a path to economic enrichment that harnesses the power of “self” coupled with a sense of oneness with their community. 


Having come from immigrant parents from Guyana, South America, who started in the U.S. with no more than $25 and a suitcase in 1967, I was taught the value of a dollar, but more importantly, the value of an education.  It was engrained from a very young age that education is the key to life and that you can have anything once you attain it.  I began my career in finance on Wall Street doing Private Placements at Salomon Smith Barney after attending the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.  From there, I moved into venture capital and invested a top performing $100M fund across a broad spectrum of technologies, with a specific focus on advanced materials and Cleantech.  I even managed several startups after this and then turned to innovations in Fintech as part of The Blackstone Group and JPMorgan. Recently, I was Head of an Emerging Growth Advisory Group at DLA Piper focused on alternative fundraising and formed a large network of institutional and corporate investors. 


But somehow, I was empty…I was a bit sickened by the billions of dollars invested in all the “innovation” that is starting to erode our capabilities to use our hands and minds in our everyday lives. After working with Kweku on forming REPRESENT, I saw the opportunity to create a team to develop solutions to REAL problems at a rapid pace. This is all that will truly matter in my life - and hence, a new element was born to educate, empower, and engage all life on earth, called CAЯBON.


CARBON makes global copies of proven profitable solutions to social and environmental challenges.



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