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In nature, females are the spawn of life and are inherently superior in their capabilities, empathy, instinct, and chemistry. Women are the vessels of our creation and they are our first teachers, our first bond, and the fundamental basis of who we are. Enabling full resiliency for women to achieve maximum economic and social potential throughout all communities elevates households, strengthens businesses, and achieves solidarity among communities.

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4Evr Carma is a joint venture with WE Recycle out of Hyderabad, India to produce an elegant line of accessories upcycled from waste materials created by using dozens of women from the poorest regions (“slums”)… transforming lives and communities.

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Renu Rao, Co-Founder & CEO of WE Recycle

“WE Recycle was born from my desire to use my education in design from the Cranbook Academy of Art in Michigan to remove waste from our environment and upcycle them into beautiful, high quality, and customized products while empowering underserved women in the “slums” of Hyderabad, India to earn premium wages and uplift their families.  I started this journey 23 years ago, and since then, 19 of my employees have put their kids through university though their income at WE Recycle.  I established a local brick and mortar storefront decades ago that sells the majority of our products, but we are now teaming up with CARBON to create 4Evr Carma in order to scale our operations, “CARBON Copy” our business, and provide women in communities all over the world the opportunity to use their hearts, minds, and souls to start a new chapter in life that reflects their personal strife, struggles, accomplishments, and culture while becoming part of a global movement towards achieving total economic and social resilience…just as my team has in India. CARBON’s idea to start working with trauma centers that are rehabilitating women is exactly the dream I have for this business and the impact on the lives that I want to make.  4Evr Carma is more than just a passion for me, it’s an inspiration I want to share with the masses all over the world.  This is a sound business that can grow immensely with the right entrepreneurs – the resources to make products are endless and we are only limited by our own creativity.  I hope societies will see this as an opportunity as the way I have over the past 20 years.  It’s been a truly amazing journey thus far and women can use what we have done to bring themselves into the light and have a sense of pride.”